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A one-stop solution for sourcing the correct gear for your production.

Gear rental

Our Drama cart is standing by to take the hassle out of radio micing with a six channel Lectrosonics Venue Receiver in the upper wideband frequency spectrum.

custom cables

We manufacture low profile variants of common cables for the industry. Drop us a line to inquire about parts availability and up-to-date pricing.


Thanks to our Parent Company we are fully compliant with the local DTi requirements for filming during the time of Covid as well as being a Level 1 BBBEE.

22 years in the field of Audio Engineering

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With 22 years in the field of Audio Engineering that started at a little Audio College in Cape Town, 1998 to many successful projects in the field of Audio Engineering and Location Sound Recording. A continuing journey that began in Musical Theatre took a logical progression through touring with rock bands and settling in Film and TV. 

Have a gander at the portfolio and you will surely see something you’ve watched before.

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The where


Nestled on the Western Coastline of Beautiful Cape Town, South Africa we are proud to call this little space our home. An international shooting location with plenty of varied architecture and being one of only a handfull of Cities inside a nature reserve, we can offer something to every genre, weather it’s Nature or Urban, Drama, Doccie or TVC. Welcome to Cape Town.

The best in the biz


Locations vary in extremes, from the safety of a climate controlled studio to the frigid waters of the Cape and the dry sands of the Tankwa desert, gear takes a pounding that we don’t see and often taken for granted. With run-and-gun type scenarios no one should be stressed about equipment failing so we invest in the best gear and are dedicated to the brands below.

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